Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Piazza Pellegrini Pleases

I heard a horror story about stop #37 Piazza Pellegrini, so I was skeptical about dining there. Luckily my fear subsided with my amazing meal. The atmosphere is festive, service is friendly, and the portion sizes are plentiful. They gave us complimentary bruschetta that they claimed was for making a rezzy. It was really good, garlicky with juicy tomatoes. FZ had the Salsicce con polenta: grilled spicy Italian sausage in a roasted 
bell pepper sauce, served over polenta. It was quite tasty, the polenta was some of the best I’ve ever had. It was also enough food for FZ, who never seems to get full. I had the Saltimboca alla Piemontese: chicken filled with prosciutto 
& mozzarella in cream sage sauce. This was delish. Large variety of sautéed veggies, crunchy seasoned potatoes & two large chicken breasts. The sauce on the chicken wasn’t too heavy and was really flavorful. There was so much food, I was able to bring an entire chicken breast home for leftovers. Pellegrini is slightly pricey, but for the portion sizes and food quality it’s worth it.

 4 Ciabatta loaves

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