Monday, March 25, 2013

Michelangelo's Ristorante & Caffe

Two years ago when I first moved to NB, Goose and I dinned at Stop #36, Michelangelo Ristorante, funny that it would line up for the two of us to do so again for CC.  Last time we were lured in with the offer of a free glass of wine, both ordered a pasta dish and agreed that the food was just alright. Dining there this past weekend was like deja vu. Again we had a card for a complimentary glass of wine and appy. We both did not want the house wine so we passed on that and were offered a free soda, which I took them up on. They then brought olives, bruschetta, and my Sprite to the table- free of charge before we even ordered our meal. Very kind of them. Goose had the Chicken Alla Valdostana: breast of chicken topped with fontina cheese and ham in a rosemary and white wine sauce. It was decent. I had the  fettuccine pasta with homemade meat sauce. It was decent as well, but a little bland. The service was good, the prices were average, and the atmosphere was nice. Although we did witness a bit of drama at the table next to us when a husband & wife were arguing about disciplining their children. The man got so angry he stood up, pounded his fist on the table spilling drinks everywhere and quickly left the restaurant. Awkward. The best part of dinning at Michelangelo’s is what is delivered with the bill- cookies & gummy bears! Who doesn’t like gummy bears?  

Two Ciabatta loaves

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