Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mona Lisa will make you moan


Six amazing friends + three bottles of wine + two three-tier appy trays+ six delish dishes= twelve thumbs up. Stop #18 brought together five girlfriends and one lucky guy to Mona Lisa. I have eaten here a couple of times in the past and enjoyed it, but this night was really special. One of those nights where the group just clicks, everyone is in a great mood, and the food & atmosphere completely compliment the feeling. We started with a couple of sampler platters. From the calamari to the bruschetta, to the prosciutto with melon, everything was scrumptious. There was a great seasoning on the calamari and they don’t skimp on the prosciutto. One of the best parts of doing this blog is getting to have a bite of each diner’s dish- there wasn’t one bite that I did not enjoy, but my entrée stole the show. I had the risotto alfredo & prawns. It was so rich it was ridiculous- in a good way. Truly the best risotto I’ve ever had. Goose had the chicken saltimbocca, Megs the risotto allo scoglio, Di the gnocchi in pink sauce, Roberta the fettuccine pescatore, and Jason the chicken S. Marino. If there was an award for second best dish at the table it would go to Jason. The S. Marino is rolled chicken breast with mozzarella and ham in a tomato-cream sauce, incredible flavors & texture. Not sure if it was his remarkable meal or dinner companions, but Jason stated he’s never going to miss another CC adventure! Even though no one at the table needed another bite of food, it wouldn’t have been complete without dessert so we shared a platter of tiramisu & bomba. The tiny bite I managed to eat of the bomba was really good. Needless to say I did not wear the right jeans to this meal, I highly suggest something expandable when consuming here. I really can’t say enough about how unbelievable the food was, but I also want to commend the service as well. Our waiter was friendly, attentive, patient, and spot on when helping choose menu items. Another thing to mention about Mona Lisa is they have an adorable little car that is parked out front and a party of two can actually enjoy their meal from inside it if they choose. Fun stuff.  Lastly, you never know what will happen when you Consume Columbus you might even learn how to master the werewolf, thanks Roberta. :) 

5 extremely large Ciabatta loaves


  1. NIce review! I've walked by here before but haven't had dinner yet. I think i'll book a hot date for the little car parked out front experience!

    1. Good call Ryan! Let me know how it goes.